Janejira hiking in a slot canyon
Janejira in a slot canyon, UT. Janejira's design experience is like no others!

PRATT. SMITHSONIAN. YELLOWSTONE. All have one thing in common; me!


Columbia College, B.A – Interior Design
Pratt Institute, M.I.D – Master of Industrial Design
Janejira Design LLC provides full-service design consulting for every sized project. From choosing a new wall color to complete interior renovation. Our goal is to deliver function+style, improve the efficiency of your space, and create a peaceful environment from your family and friends to enjoy!

With nearly thirty years of design experience working for some of the world’s most renowned institutions, Janejira brings a well-rounded knowledge of many design disciplines combined. What are these disciplines? 

Exhibition. Furniture. Interiors. Lighting. Branding. 

That is multidisciplinary design. Why so many disciplines? All disciplines share the same foundation and are like ripples that touch one another. Design is like a playground; it consists of many activities because if there were only a swing, it would not qualify as a playground–not complete and not fun!

In addition to design, Janejira also has over a decade of professional food service/culinary arts experience. She grew up in a family-owned restaurant in Chicago–one most beloved by the Thai community.

Occasionally, Janejira teaches cooking at Janejira’s Kitchen, where she shares with passionate food lovers the true meaning of authentic Thai and Italian cuisines. She introduces to the local community her homegrown organic produce & herbs, making her recipes even more exceptional.

So, why not have your kitchen or bar designed by a chef? Janejira will educate you through the project process while help make your dream (space) come alive. You will end up completely enriched by the Janejira experience. Thank you for your visit!