I was skeptical about using a remote design service when looking to revamp my oddly shaped living room, but Janejira demonstrated how easy it was to communicate and share inspiration online and via e-mail. I had no idea how much money I could save with a trade discount when I consulted an interior designer first.
Janejira had some fantastic recommendations within my budget and size constraints. She introduced me to some custom-made builders and helped me to sidestep some potential pitfalls with choosing pet-friendly fabrics. Janejira also brought some visual unity to my eclectic living room.
Her professionalism, attention to detail, and sense of color are second to none. I would not hesitate to use Janejira Design for future remote teledesign services.

S. Stack

I enlisted Janejira to help me through a project that was already 2/3 finished, and she rescued me from some potential mistakes, saved me money, and really made the space shine.

Now, due to a burst pipe, I’m unexpectedly tackling another project, and this time will definitely be asking for her help from the beginning! I know she’ll save me time and money, and I’m very excited that she’ll be there to help navigate the complicated relationship with my contractor, the insurance company, my all-over-the map tastes, and my budget. She’s an advocate that i can’t do without.

E. Braun

I loved working with Janejira on our bathroom remodel – she has a great sense of color and style and helped me make decisions that resulted in a much better outcome than if I’d done it myself. She was honest and fair about pricing, trying to get us the best deals, and not compromising the look or style. We love our new bathroom!

E. Smithwick

Janejira kept me focused to achieve my design goals. I felt very comfortable talking about the challenges to meeting my family’s needs, and she made good suggestions.

M. Wujek

Janejira (Design) did an outstanding job on the renovation of our entire basement. Her design of the basement took in every aspect of space, dimension and light. It turned out beautiful and we could not be more happy with her work and company. My wife and I highly recommend her to design your next project.

J. Zinn

Janejira helped us figure out how to display all our team accelerator logos in our space at the Happy Valley LaunchBox. We have had many compliments on display. We will definitely use her again!

E. Hay

Thank you so much for holding my hand during the project. I learned a lot. And I can state that you have an excellent way in dealing with difficult customers. You gave excellent suggestions on the general look, and were wonderful in picking up on my taste. I was at times a bit overwhelmed with all the choices and possibilities. Later I came to appreciate the importance of said details, e.g. your help in picking colors and textures. It is an art that can’t be overestimated, because it has an enormous effect on the entire project.

There is only one thing I really regret, and that is that we never got to do the kitchen. I love your design, and it would have looked great. I’ll leave it with the people who will buy the house (whoever they may be), together with your address. Perhaps it will get done after all…

I. Schaperdoth

Janejira was able to provide a unique professional perspective in helping us choose a color for the front door. She brought paint samples to us and provided instructions on the proper painting techniques. She was thorough and we especially liked her artistic input. We are very happy with the end product.

A. Rebuck

Janejira Design made the difference in my selling a listing recently.  The two bathrooms she totally re-designed in cool colors and unusual fittings made all the difference.  I’ll recommend you anytime as I know you have high standards and quality work.  Thanks again for making my job as a realtor easier.

L. Askin

What about you? Are you ready to have that 5-Star experience?