Modern kitchen in achromatic color scheme

Since the entity of Janejira Design LLC was formed, we’ve been busy establishing a new business partnerships to help save you tons of money. We’re selective with brands that we partner with and endorse. From more affordable product to high-end furniture, we’ve got you covered. If there is a brand you’d like to use, we’d set up a trade account just for you! What does that mean? Deep discounts and savings for your pocket! Being smart about your project and being proactive in searching for what you like could ultimately mean a free design service.

While we’re not a design/build company at this time. We also have a network of trusted builders and we’ll help connect you with a few.

User scenario: Zinn basement project required 1,000 sq. ft. flooring. By purchasing through a designer (directly from the flooring manufacturer,) the client saved $2,000. That’s a huge amount of savings that can be put towards designer fee. Everyone wins!